Mei Lunar


Mei Lunar

hey peez! Happy year of the ROOSTER \o/
here are some of the skins I had the pleasure to work on :D
mei change and luna: made the skin for both and tint \o/

Concept team: Arnold Tsang , Benjamin Zhang, John Polidora, David Kang, Qiu Fang , Anh Dang
Character Team: Renaud Galand, Hong Chan Lim, Matt Taylor, Kyle Rau, Niles Doubleday Leticia Reinaldo Gillett
Tech art team: Dylan Jones, Lan-Fang Chang, Hak Seung Lee
Animation team: Ryan Denniston, David Gibson Jesse Davis, Matt Boehm, Michael Biancalana, Kyongho Polar, Adam York
Effects Team: Nicholas Eberle, Rachel Day
Every shots are definitely team efforts!
© 2016 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Leticia gillett leticia gillett artstation cover2Leticia gillett smile poseLeticia gillett swcover